Facilities and logistics

Proquiel Químicos owns a fully equipped fleet of ecological equipment specially conditioned for the safe transportation of liquid and solid products.

Branches and distribution centres

We have installations in Santiago, and branches and distribution centres in San Antonio (Leyda), Coronel and Puerto Montt where there are independent storage facilities for corrosives, oxidising substances, flammable products and food products. Additionally there are liquid cask storage tanks, in accordance with the SEREMI Health regulations.


Casa Matriz
Henry Ford 1230, Maipú, Santiago.
+56 2 2928 9300
Avda. Océano Pacífico 3636, Parque Industrial.
+56 41 2460 062
Puerto Montt
Camino Pargua km. 1030
+56 65 2270 950
San Antonio
Leyda, Ruta G-920, Camino Vecinal La Marqueza 222, San Antonio.
Ruta del Cobre #535, Sector la Negra, Antofagasta