Proquiel Quimicos is one of the main additive supplier companies in the human and animal foodstuffs area, offering a wide range of products among which are: Sweeteners, additivies, acidulants and acidity regulators, phosphates, antioxidants, , hydrocolloids, invigorating mineral salts, achieving the highest standards of quality and safety.

We know that the most important element within our company is the people. We boast a group of professionals committed to quality and great service, aware of the responsibility implied when elaborating foodstuffs.

This has allowed us to achieve a solid position in the industries of dairy, meat, drinks, agricultural industrial, canning, winemaking, seafood processors, among many others.



For more information about products, please contact us:

Retail:   +56 2 2928 9343 / +56 2 2928 9344

Wholesale:  +56 2 2928 9300